Welcome to the Training Hub!

This is where we keep track of your portfolio work for Grad2Teach. One of the best ways you can demonstrate that you are ready for the demands of PGCE study is to consistently upload high-quality work to meet regular deadlines whilst managing a significant teaching timetable.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment (TLA) training sessions Each month, we choose one of the Teachers’ Standards to talk about and work towards. This helps you to familiarise yourself with the set of assessment criteria that will define your pathway to QTS and beyond – starting as a trainee, and finishing 2 years after you have qualified, when you will be working as an ECT (an Early Career Teacher).

Which Teaching Standard is the focus for November? We introduce TS3, which is centred on demonstrating good subject and curriculum knowledge.

S3: Demonstrate Good Curriculum and Subject Knowledge

The rationale behind this standard is about teachers recognising that the quality of their subject knowledge affects the quality of their teaching and their pupils’ success. Teachers of all subjects should also recognise their responsibility to teach reading, writing, and spelling skills, as higher levels of literacy lead to higher levels of attainment for pupils in school and later life.

Reminders of what we need from you this month:

  • A minimum of 4 entries in your Learning Journal, reflecting on any useful experiences you’ve had during the week
  • A minimum of 2 Observations of Others, in which you can stay for 1 hour for each observation or spend 20 minutes focusing on something in particular
  • A minimum of 2 Lesson Plans to practise this very important teaching skill – remember, at least 2 of your uploads MUST be on the G2T lesson planning form
  • One checklist for the TLA topic of the month: Standard 3: Demonstrate Good Curriculum and Subject Knowledge.