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This course will guide you through the application process to our partner’s Employed PGCE with QTS. Being asked to do so does not necessarily mean that we have confirmation of a main school placement yet. However, it does mean that we think you’re ready to take the next step and jump into the PGCE. Please contact your Partnerships Coordinator if you’re unsure of your placement status.

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Phase One will mean that you are among the most experienced and knowledgeable of the applicants to NITE’s PGCE and we plan to work with you to make sure that you’re fully prepared. However, there are lots of rules and requirements for a PGCE . Please take the time to download and read the following:

Course Specification

You’re bound to be asked why you have applied to NITE’s PGCE. Knowing the specifications of the course will aid you in this. You can download the course specifications below:

School Information Form

NITE will need confirmation from your school that your timetable is compliant and that they understand all of the requirements of nurturing a Trainee Teacher BEFORE THEY INTERVIEW YOU. To achieve this, the below form will need to be completed and returned to NITE. While this is part of the application process – please feel free to contact your school’s Lead Mentor today, to get this process started:

PGCE Complience

To help you and your main school prepare for the PGCE please use the below downloads to ensure that your timetable is compliant with NITE’s PGCE. The correct document will already have been sent to your school:

Join the PGCE aplications WhatsApp group

One of our greatest strengths is the sense of community that we foster at Grad2Teach. The support from peers is going to be essential over the next twelve months. In order to help build those bonds and to pass on important logistical information: Please join this WhatsApp group so we can track your application.

  • Once you’ve joined do introduce yourself and tell us your name and subject.

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